Sam Brothers ~ January 14th


In light of the rule changes on face coverings announced yesterday, the Management Committee have instructed that
face coverings must be worn when attending any event or performance on-site at the Pump House.
  Sam Brothers is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter and performer, based in Canterbury, in the South of England. Although he is rooted in the raw traditions of the travelling Troubadour – he reflects the ever-changing world we live in through the wide eyes of his generation. With the face of an innocent, the voice of a fallen angel and with a deep knowledge far beyond his years, he offers a genuine and meaningful alternative to the pre-packaged, over-processed, trivia-twittering wannabees that dominate the airwaves and flood our screens.

Sam is a massive talent – a remarkable guitarist and unique song-writer, blessed with an astonishing voice that recalls the gentle sensitivity of Nick Drake, but underscored by the screaming power and swooping range of Jeff Buckley……. And with something more, an honesty and intensity that is purely Sam Brothers. His songs reflect the truths that his single-minded lifestyle and tough choices have delivered. Rooted in the raw passion of the early protest singers and touching on the beauty of the first wave of folksters – Sam’s songs are invested with echoes of Dylan, Buckley, Drake, Van Zandt, and all the stops along the long, old, lonely road that those illustrious names illuminate.

Sam truly has something to say, a unique way to say it and a collection of people who believe in him and will support him in the process. He is already a great performer and a star in the making, but a new kind of star, who has a message to deliver and the tools to deliver that message.

For a while now, Sam has been busy paying his dues and earning his spurs, in the old-school way, making just enough to live on and give him the time to write and create his first record and keep repairing the rustiest, old Ford Mondeo in the country!

Samuel Brothers is an artist for an emerging generation, who won’t settle for less than the truth and who are disillusioned with the trivia and inherent futility of the virtual world. This is a new generation artist for a new-generation audience, but rooted in old school values.

If you love music – you will love Sam Brothers