Spotlight Singaround with
Ray Owen – 1st April

Spotlight Singaround with RAY OWEN   £6

Ray’s musical journey began in 1962 as bass player in a teenage band.  After a series of promising but unsuccessful record releases and songs published, a bit of success arrived 12 years later when Ray and a friend won the Opportunity Knocks Songwriting Contest.

When the record of the song only reached number 38 in the charts, Ray cancelled the order for the Bentley!

Ray’s first real introduction to folk music was attending, in the mid 1980’s, a production of “Lark Rise”, featuring The Albion Band.

A couple of years later Ray wandered into The Watford Folk Club and has enjoyed playing and listening ever since.

A well-received tape (produced by Ady Shaw) in the early 90’s enabled Ray to get a series of guest bookings at folk clubs in Herts, Bucks, Oxfordshire and Middlesex.

This century Ray has enjoyed playing solo and also being part of Jus S’posin for a while, as bass player, as singer/guitarist in harmony trio “Debbie Wears The Trousers”, and as original bass player in DWTT electric spinoff, “Marchant”.

(Though closer to 80 than 70) Ray still enjoys writing, performing and learning new stuff.