Performing at the Watford Folk Club

Enquiries about performing at the club.

The Watford Folk Club meets every Friday, 8-11 pm in the Colne River Room at The Pumphouse, Local Board Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 2JP.

We welcome both traditional and modern folk music and performers and listeners old and new. We have singarounds and guest nights.

  • The best way to introduce yourselves is to contact us privately.
  • If you’ve never visited the Watford Folk Club you can get an idea of what typically happens at our events by looking at the photos/albums on our Facebook page.
  • If you feel your music fits with what we do please send us a short message to with a few details about yourself and links to somewhere we can hear some of your music on the web. Something in the same stripped down acoustic format in which you are seeking to perform.
  • Links to tracks from a ‘produced’ album don’t help us much if at all….we’d prefer to see and hear how you actually sound playing in a LIVE situation together with the musicians who would be playing on the gig. Please don’t send a band performance if you’re seeking a solo or duo gig. We are predominantly an acoustic club. We’ll consider everything and reply wherever possible. Please forgive us if we don’t reply (we get loads of submissions a year and we’re all volunteers!)
  • When we’ve listened to your music and watched your live videos we’ll try to work out if a gig would be able to attract enough people to be a success. If we like your music, think it fits with what we present at the Watford Folk Club and if we’re confident you would be able to draw enough of a crowd to make it viable for us and worthwhile for you…..we promise we’ll get back to you!
Please note:
In almost all cases we make the initial approach to artists who headline our events. Most are likely to be already known to us one way or another and to have a proven reputation and following. It’s unlikely we would be able to offer a headline spot if your name isn’t known in our area.
A successful gig needs to turn over enough at the door to pay the guest what they want AND ensure the Watford Folk Club doesn’t lose money on it’s rent and costs.

Contact Watford Folk Club.