Vicky Martin of The Delta Ladies

Vicky-Martin-smWatford Folk Club is shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden death of Vicky Martin of The Delta Ladies.

Vicky sang and played guitar, banjo, Kandela and Irish Bouzouki. She was the writer of many the Delta Ladies’ original tunes. Vicky was interested in music right through the sixties and seventies and was initially influenced by the great players who were around throughout that period, Clapton, Hendrix whom she met, The Stones, and the music of Miles Davis and Bob Dylan remained her constant favourites.

She will be greatly missed.

The Delta Ladies were booked to play at Watford on 17th May and we were really excited to welcome them. It is with great regret and sadness that we advise that the gig will not now go ahead.
Clive Carey from Chesham Folk Club has kindly agreed to perform for us on that night.
More details to follow.

Help secure the club’s future

Watford Folk Club in its current form has been running successfully since 2008. The last few years have seen a reduction in numbers coming to guest nights. This has resulted in a shortfall of funds to cover the costs of running the club.
We now need to ask for financial help to keep the club going.

Follow this link to get to our donation page

Our aim moving forward is to use local talent for guests, possibly using two different acts on these nights to provide variety. The very popular sing-arounds will continue as usual.

Once we have enough funds we will consider booking more famous guests. Do let us know who you would like to see. Also let us know if you are interested in performing.

We are grateful for any donations you can make to help keep Watford Folk Clubl club going.


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