Pete Coe is our birthday artist
TODAY (October 13th)

Pete Coe celebrates narrative folk songs rooted in English traditions, classic ballads & broadsides, rural yarns, travellers tales, and songs of love, loss & protest learned from the old songcarriers & songsmiths he’s met over a lifetime on the road. He performs with great skill, presents with authority & good humour & encourages audience involvement.

We are delighted that Pete will be with us to celebrate our club’s 15th Birthday – do come and join us!

Pete Coe has had more than 50 years of music making on the English folk scene.

Together with his wife, Sue, he received the Gold Badge Award from the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) in 2016 for their outstanding contributions to folk dance, music or song.

Entry by suggested minimum donation of £12.50 (Cash or Card}