The John Ward Trio are our guests on July 21th

The John Ward Trio make their first visit to Watford Folk Club with John’s acclaimed folk songs which draw on his life on the Suffolk coast and his wider travels in the world. With powerful 3-part harmonies, a range of instruments, guitar, double bass, mandolin, accordion, and John’s show-stopping bodhran playing, the trio’s performances are authentic and heartfelt, and delight audiences across the UK.

The trio will be showcasing a variety of musical styles and some new material from John’s latest CD and book release, Congress, which has twice been serialised on BBC Radio Suffolk.

 Recommended donation – £12.50

“The quality of the writing, music and production is superb. It’s a programme that would not sound out of place on the likes of BBC Radio 4” – Steve Martin, Acting Executive Producer, BBC Radio Suffolk

“Unmissable storytelling” – Sue Marchant, Broadcaster

“ .. of course, beautiful songs: some uplifting, others haunting .. played and sung with skill, magic, and heart” – Piers Colby, Lowestoft Centre for the Arts & Heritage

“A wonderful production worthy of a wide audience” – Ruth Bramley, Folk Club Organiser

“…magnificent songs… this man and his excellent band are one of the UK music scene’s best kept secrets” — Stephen Foster, BBC Radio Suffolk

“The best folk music set I have ever seen. Literally.” The Morning Star

“Life Drawing CD … the hardest thing about writing this review has been trying not to repeat all the superlatives I used up with 2016’s Sargasso” — Fatea

“He is a poet and a lyricist, a writer and arranger of the top order” – Great North Festival

“We were fortunate to have the John Ward Trio … their use of harmonies was spot on … but when John went off on a bodhran solo it was spectacular … I never knew you could achieve that with a bodhran!” Steve Primarolo, Organiser – Bracknell Folk Club

‘A singer and guitarist to watch out for’ The Times

‘Excellent’ Folk Roots