Mandy Woods is our guest artist on September 10th

Mandy-Woods-smMandy, a seasoned writer and performer in both Europe and America, has spent most of her adult life giving in to wanderlust and crafting songs wherever she has happened to find herself on her unconventional journey. Many of them tell stories – about the ups and downs of relationships, about her own and other people’s struggles and quests, and about the myriad other twists of fate that have inspired her imagination.

Mandy grew up near Oxford, England, but spent a decade in Austin, Texas, where she sang with fellow singer-songwriter Lara Linette Straughan. After a number of years back in the UK, she made a return visit to the States in 2010, drawn to Nashville, Tennessee, where she wrote several songs with singer-songwriter Terri Calderon. She has since been back to Nashville several times to write and perform.

Mandy has performed in the UK with accomplished guitarist Harry Brzezinski; with Amanda Burgess in the duo Bluebird; with Jayne Ingles in Yellow Rose; with Annie Greig in The Mockingbirds; with the Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Glasson; and with talented violinist Elliet Mackrell.
Mandy has been on our “bookings wish list” for some time but Covid got in the way, so we are excited to have her play for us next Friday.
See you then for what will be a great evening.
(Our special guest MC will be none other than Julian Mount!!!!)