Our guests are BLACK*SCARR
April 12th

BLACK*SCARR are Johnny Black and Emma Scarr, an East London duo formed by two singer songwriters with different styles and influences, but whose co-writing has collided to produce a collection of songs that move audiences to laughter and tears. Honest and gritty, this urban folk/country duo produce songs full of stories and themes that are modern but classic-sounding and timeless, personal and everyday, still universal.

Recommended donation – £10 (Cash or Card)

BlackScarr have become known for live performances bursting with energy and chemistry. Prepare to tap your toes to upbeat melodic country tunes and be touched by hard-hitting, yet poetic lyrics that will stay with you. Guitar, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and classic harmonies document the trials, contradictions, fears and delights of middle-aged life and love.

Black*Scarr won “Best Audience Reaction” award at “Love Folk Live” competition run by Folkstock and have been finalist and winner for the Watford Folk Club Song Writing Competition.

“Black*Scarr versifies urban life better than most bands I have ever come across. They sing about the world through the domestic prism. Love, loss, the night, need, city dreams and desires. All expressed through their irony, wit and vocal harmonies. Together Johnny Black and Emma Scarr conjure beauty in its most raw sense. Check them out.”
The Lantern Society.