Spotlight Sing-around with “The Late Arrivals”
(Mandy Hardingham & Nigel Moorcroft)
Friday 8th March

Mandy and Nigel met several years ago at this very folk club but only became an item January 23. Things have moved rapidly, and they will be getting married on October the 26th.

Musically both have been folk singing for many years and Mandy is an accomplished choral singer. They will be performing a mixture of traditional and original songs, with great harmonies and sympathetic accompaniment .

Entry by suggested minimum donation of £6:00 (Cash or Card)

Nigel has distinctive baritone voice, is a talented songwriter and organiser of Watford Folk Club’s annual Song Competition and has become an integral part of the local folk scene.

Combining their individual talents into this duo, it is a pleasure to hear them perform.
Currently they call themselves “The Late Arrivals“ but this may change!

Watford Folk Club prides itself on being a friendly and welcoming club and we are really happy that not only have we brought Mandy and Nigel together as singers but also as a couple and we wish them all the very best for the future.