Our guests are Wickenwood
June 21st

Wickenwood are a husband and wife indie-folk duo comprising Phil and Deborah Marshall. Their sound is based around harmony-driven vocals, with contemporary influences, and their songwriting draws inspiration from the legends and folklore of the people and places they visit. For example, come and hear the salutary tale of James Snooks, the last man to be executed in England for highway robbery – then hanged and buried at the scene of his crime in nearby Boxmoor. Or the strange request of Norfolk stonemason Thomas Gooding, who died in 1600, and paid to be buried upright in the cloisters of Norwich Cathedral, believing that it would give him an advantage come Judgment Day.

But it’s not all about burials: there are songs about the hardships of working life such as the decline of the Hull fishing industry, and even one about Phil’s grandad, who at 13 years old, lost an arm in a mining accident. These fascinating stories are sung with respect and compassion, in their own unique style.

Wickenwood play acoustic music with contemporary influences, drawing inspiration from legend and folklore of the people and places they visit.

They are a deservedly popular act on the local folk circuit, and we are delighted to welcome them back to Watford especially as they have just released their new E.P. “ Fear & Superstition”

Recommended donation – £10 (Cash or Card)

“It was a real pleasure listening to this group of talented artists ,I have not heard a lot of Folk music, but the traditional veins that ran though their songs was very melodic and the Gorgeous vocal harmony was uplifting and beautiful.”
– Nigel Tomlinson

“Amazing talent, amazing sounds, amazing harmonies!”
– Trevor Thomas